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Cha Cha Cha Course

This dance was first seen in the dance-halls of America, in the early fifties, following closely to Mambo, from which it was developed. The music is slower than Mambo and has the unique 'cha cha cha' beat in the music. It's know as one of the most elegant dance styles.


Here are the descriptions of our Cha Cha courses to help you decide which level is correct for you. If you are still not sure which class to join then you can always ask our teachers to advise you.

Cha Cha level 1-2 (beginners to improvers):  This course is for anyone looking to learn the basic steps of Cha Cha. Prior dance experience is not necessary. Also for those with some experience in Cha Cha dancing.

You’ll learn the basics of this syncopated-step dance first (which definitely helps your Salsa footwork and timing). Then we’ll slowly lead into some basic Cha Cha partner work. The course will also cover the "drill" steps; a collection of Cha Cha steps designed to improve your understanding and timing of the music and the dance. Everything is broken down into beats to help you identify the steps within the music.

Cha Cha level 3-4 (intermediate to advanced): For students who've completed Cha Cha 1-2 or have the equivalent experience in Cha Cha.

This will help you progress from improver to intermedaite level.At first the footwork will be a bit faster and the partner work slightly more complicated. This course does become fast paced though so make sure you are confident with the basics before moving to this class. As the course goes on, you’ll learn some complex footwork and partner work, paying a lot of attention to the music, body movements & isolations, musical interpretation and especially improvisation are carefully developed and emphasised in your footwork shines and partner work. If you master the Cha Cha Cha timing and rhythm.

IMPORTANT: Remember that you will often need to repeat a particular course level numerous times before you are ready to move up. Do not be discouraged by this fact, the structure of our classes encourages repetition of levels to ensure your knowledge is secure. It takes time to master the syllabus in any particular level and then when you feel ready to move up, simply ask your teacher. Students usually know when they are ready to take the next (dancing) step and our teachers will inform you when they feel you are sufficiently competent to move on even if you are unsure!

Styling courses

Styling is an essential part of Latin Dancing. Being able to style the moves appropriately rather than just going through the motions makes the difference between someone who can dance on the dancefloor and someone you enjoy watching on the dancefloor.

Ladies Styling Level 3 & 4:Suitable for ladies who’ve completed Cha 

Cha Cha Level 3 & 4 or have the equivalent level of Cha Cha Cha  dancing experience to cope with this intermediate to advanced class.

This course will cover posture, advanced footwork, elegant arm work, advanced body movements and spinning techniques. We’ll also show you how to incorporate more advanced styling into your partner work. It really takes you to the next level by working on timing and musicality to be able to interpret the music and be more expressive on the dance floor.

Intro to Styling, Shines and Spinning (For men & women)

Introductory class open to all abilities introducing shines (footwork patterns and routines) and spinning (turning techniques) with styling. Essential techniques to master in order to become a truly excellent salsa dancer.

We believe shines and spinning are two of the most commonly used techniques in most Cha Cha Cha styles so we decided to create a specific course to master them whilst styling the moves.

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